From 19th of October to 26th of October 2022 the K 2022 will take place in Düsseldorf. You will find TQS in hall 3 stand F65.

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TQS will show its infrared cassette heaters RAPIDIUM, FAST and CLASSIC with and without thermocouple at K 2022. In addition, you can discover our TUBE HEATERS.

TQS is a manufacturer of high-performance infrared heaters made in Germany. Our heaters are characterized by our self-developed high-precision coil and superior quality.

The K-show is the world’s largest trade fair for the plastics and rubber industry.

ACHEMA 2022 was a great success for TQS. We were able to hold a lot and exciting discussions about SILARC and win new customers. Furthermore, we are already looking forward to new orders.

We would like to thank everyone who visited our booth and showed interest in TQS-SILARC. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Let us know how you enjoyed the show and visit us at the next ACHEMA 2024!

TQS is a manufacturer of transparent fused quartz glass- and opaque fused silica products.

SILARC is opaque fused silica from TQS and is fused from pure silica sand.

SILARC combines several properties that are probably not found in this form in any other material:

  • Low thermal expansion
  • High thermal shock resistance
  • High temperature resistance of up to 1,800 °C
  • High softening temperature
  • Very low transmission
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Very good thermal and electrical insulation properties
  • High resistance to aggressive media such as acids or alkalis
  • High resistance to melts of e.g. gold, silver, silicon
  • Availability in flexible geometries up to large dimensions

SILARC products are manufactured in a process comparable to Heraeus Rotosil® products.

From August 22nd to 26th, 2022, ACHEMA 2022 will open its doors in Frankfurt am Main/ Germany.

ACHEMA 2022 is the world’s leading exhibition for international process industries and TQS is located in Hall 4.0; Stand A46 in the thermal processes theme area.

At ACHEMA 2022 you will get a comprehensive overview of the TQS opaque fused silica product portfolio and its applications in laboratories, industry and research. TQS presents its range of SILARC-products and demonstrates its capabilities by means of custom-made products for individual and customer-specific problem solutions.

Visit us personally at stand A46 in hall 4.0.

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Achema is the world’s largest trade fair for the process industry for chemical engineering, process technology and biotechnology with around 170,000 visitors and several thousand international exhibitors.
You can admire our fused silica products live and in “color” at our booth in Hall 4.0, Stand A46, and talk to our employees over a cup of coffee.

You would like to visit us at Achema 2022? Then we look forward to your appointment!

Video of the heating-up time: Full IR-emissionafter 6 seconds

Beginning 2021 the President of the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA)
Cornelia Rudloff-Schäffer granted TQS the patent for the TQS-RAPIDIUM heating elements.

TQS-RAPIDIUM is the ultra-fast infrared quartz cassette heating element with the RAPIDIUM-boost.


  • Up to 95% reduced heating-up time
  • Only 6 seconds for 100% infrared emission
  • Shorter production cycles
  • Machine standby time is a thing of the past
  • Up to 35% reduced power consumption


  • The new special TQS high-precision resistance coils


  • TQS-RAPIDIUM is particularly suitable for multi-colored, high-contrast plastic foils, for example black-silver coloring
  • TQS-RAPIDIUM works perfectly with multichannel power controllers from Hetronik, Siemens or Mitsubishi

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During the K show 2019 held in Düsseldorf/Germany TQS started discussions with Wingold to become TQS’ sole agent in P.R. China.
Wingold has extensive 20-year experience with their distributorship of German made ceramic heaters, and it seems obvious to extend their know-how to quartz cassette infrared heaters applications.

Now TQS and Wingold are proud to announce their formal business relationship as of 1st January 2020.

Wingold will take care of stocking and selling the complete quartz cassette infrared heater program.
The first delivered heaters of different sizes and power ratings will be available ex stock Wingold/Shantou from March 2020.

Please get in contact with Wingold regarding all you needs in the quartz cassette infrared heaters:

Address and contact of Wingold
WinGold Industry Trade Co., Ltd.
Purchase Department
Tel: +86 754 89817282
Fax: +86 754 88488860

Looking forward to a thriving relationship we wish Wingold a prospering future.

总机:+86 754 881 788 23
销售:+86 754 884 888 61

During the K2019-fair, held in October in Düsseldorf/Germany TQS introduced their latest and most convincing development: The medium wave infrared quartz-cassette heater, the 6-second RAPIDIUM elements.

As explained by its managing director, Mr. Volker Schmidt, these RAPIDIUM heater establish a real revolution in the medium wave quartz cassettes elements business.

They offer to potential customers, machine builders and operators, alike:

  • energy savings up to 35%
  •  increased yields, up to 15%
  • smaller overall machines sizes, due to omission of parking positions heaters’ stand-by operation.

Meanwhile the serial production has started and customers await eagerly their first deliveries.

For further technical Details please refer to:

Presenting our infrared heater revolution RAPIDIUM on K trade show sparks positive reactions with visitors all around. Already after 6 seconds our new infrared heater emits 100% mid-wave infrared radiation. Users as well as thermoforming machine manufacturers are amazed by the high potential for energy savings and shortening of production cycles. Plenty constructive conversations on K show in Dusseldorf, Germany, encourage us in our believe that RAPIDIUM heaters are at the pulse of time.


Quartz glass raw materials are available in various forms, grades and qualities. We supply e.g. Spectrosil® 2000 quartz glass windows and panes.

Its high homogeneity in connection with its purity in the low ppb-range and being nearly completely bubble free characterizes Spectrosil® 2000.

Ingots from synthetic quartz glass meet even highest standards in the IC-industry. Various melting processes will yield the most suitable quartz ingots according to their further downstream conversion.

Spectrosil® 2000 in form of blocks and panes is perfectly suitable for applications in low UV-range.

Ingot blocks or discs are available EX-STOCK in

– diameters from 150 – 400mm and

– heights from 100 – 500mm

Upon customer’s request TQS supplies customized quartz glass ingots or blocks into a wide variety of shapes, e.g. windows, panes, blocks, prisms etc.

Further product info here.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your specific requirement.

We are looking forward to your enquiries.