Quartz glass raw materials are available in various forms, grades and qualities. We supply e.g. Spectrosil® 2000 quartz glass windows and panes.

Its high homogeneity in connection with its purity in the low ppb-range and being nearly completely bubble free characterizes Spectrosil® 2000.

Ingots from synthetic quartz glass meet even highest standards in the IC-industry. Various melting processes will yield the most suitable quartz ingots according to their further downstream conversion.

Spectrosil® 2000 in form of blocks and panes is perfectly suitable for applications in low UV-range.

Ingot blocks or discs are available EX-STOCK in

– diameters from 150 – 400mm and

– heights from 100 – 500mm

Upon customer’s request TQS supplies customized quartz glass ingots or blocks into a wide variety of shapes, e.g. windows, panes, blocks, prisms etc.

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