TQS – A young company with a long tradition

In 1910 the German-English Quartz Melting Company was founded in Berlin. Originally, fused silica products were produced for various applications in the still young and rapidly growing chemical industry.

In 1957, the company moved to Mainz, where it was operated as a joint venture of the TSL — Thermal Syndicate Ltd. (England) and Jenaer Glaswerke Schott+Genossen (Germany) until 1965.

1965 — now a 100% percent subsidiary of the TSL Group — the headquarters moved to Wiesbaden and became the TQS — Thermal Quarz-Schmelze GmbH.

From this time onwards TQS’ major focus laid on the continuous development of infrared quartz heating elements and quartz glass components. Center point of all action was the close cooperation with customers. Many new developments and improvements were realized during these years.

In 1988, the entire TSL-Group was taken over by the French industrial conglomerate Saint-Gobain.

From 2000 onwards, the company was renamed into Saint-Gobain Quartz GmbH/ Wiesbaden.

In 2009, after a management buy-out, the company was able to provide a legally independent framework under the still well-known logo TQS — Technical Quartz Solutions GmbH.

The last phase in the long history of the TQS® started with the beginning of 2015. The Frankfurt based export companyVS Technical Supplies GmbH acquired 100 percent of the TQS® shares.

Today, Mr. Volker Schmidt is responsible for the management of the company.

TQS®’s extensive product portfolio is continuously growing. Current products include:

• Infrared heating elements
• Industrial crucibles and trays
• Transparent and opaque quartz glass laboratory ware
• Quartz tubes and rods
• High precison fused quartz and synthetic quartz components
• Micaver®-Insulators