Micaver®-Insulators from Saint-Gobain Quartz SA have been used e.g. in locomotives, highspeed trains, and subways around the world for over 50 years. Made from mica glass Micaver®-Insulators are characterized by its extreme durability and big variety of shape designs. TQS® is Saint Gobain Quartz SA’s exclusive distribution partner of Micaver®-Insulator in Germany. We are, of course, happy to provide you with information about insulation, isolators, and related subjects. Sizes and shapes are available upon request.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with TQS.

More information about Micaver®-Insulators is available here or on the manufacturer’s site.

MV 178 A _ B
MV 178 A B
MV 86 A_B
MV 86 A B
MV 65 A_D_F  A_G_H
MV 65 A D F A G H
MV 52 A_B  C_D
MV 52 A B C D
MV 604 A   B_C_D
MV 604 A B C D
MV 647 A_B_N
MV 647 A B N
MV 483 A
MV 483 A

MV 478 A B
MV 404 B C
MV 404 B C
MV 322 A_B_C D
MV 322 A B C D
MV 261 A_D  B_C_E
MV 261 A D B C E
MV 259 A_B_D_E _F_G
MV 259 A B D E F G