During the K2019-fair, held in October in Düsseldorf/Germany TQS introduced their latest and most convincing development: The medium wave infrared quartz-cassette heater, the 6-second RAPIDIUM elements.

As explained by its managing director, Mr. Volker Schmidt, these RAPIDIUM heater establish a real revolution in the medium wave quartz cassettes elements business.

They offer to potential customers, machine builders and operators, alike:

  • energy savings up to 35%
  •  increased yields, up to 15%
  • smaller overall machines sizes, due to omission of parking positions heaters’ stand-by operation.

Meanwhile the serial production has started and customers await eagerly their first deliveries.

For further technical Details please refer to: https://tqs-quartz.com/produkte/infrarot-strahler/#toggle-id-2