TQS SILARC pipes are produced from TQS’s own quartz sand using a rotational fusion process. They are characterized by good mechanical processing options. Tubes longer than 1500 mm are welded together by us. In doing so, we pay more attention to the fact that the resulting weld seam is barely visible. Typical fields of application are the thermal reactions of chemicals and the protective lining of vacuum annealing furnaces. TQS has in the past manufactured tubes that were up to 4000 mm long and about 500 mm in diameter. Wall thicknesses can be made in the range of 10-30 mm. Also, different types of flanges have been implemented, as well as round or flat seals on one side.SILARC products are made in a similar process to Hereaus Rotosil® products.You need custom made quartz crucibles or bowls for your individual needs? Please contact us directly to us, we also like to help you with individual solutions.