Our TQS high-power infrared cassette radiators are offered in the following 3 holder versions:

Mounting Type H2

Used in many machines worldwide, the most often used H2 is the“Standard mounting” and it is also the most cost effective model. Alternative mountings “HM” or “ST” greatly reduce re-fitting time of heating elements once mounted in machine.

Mounting Type HM

The HM mounting version is an adaptation to the tried and tested attachment system, similar to systems used for ceramic radiators. The robust central mounting with an integrated connecting terminal enables faster and simplified installation and removal.

Mounting Type ST

The TQS cassette elements also come with plug-in mountings, types FS-ST and FSK-ST. Through the unique outlet connection, the heating element can be easily plugged in by hand — “plug and play”. Long cooling off phases (before dismounting) and access to the wiring areas are no longer necessary, drastically reducing downtime and assembly costs.