We produce laboratory articles made of transparent quartz glass in various shapes and sizes for analysis applications. Our products withstand extremely aggressive conditions and are temperature resistant up to 1050 ° C and can even be used up to 1280 ° C in the short term. As a leading manufacturer of quartz articles for laboratory use, we stand for highest product quality and service life. With more than 100 years of product and process experience, we assure that only the best and highest purity raw materials are used for each product. Of course, we are gladly available to you around the subject of quartz glass with advice and assistance. We also supply individually designed articles for you – please contact us.

Quarzgut-TiegelSlip Cast Crucibles
Quarzgut unterschiedliche FormenSlip Cast diverse forms
Quarzgut-SchalenSlip Cast Bowls
Quarzgut-Kapsel rechteckigSlip Cast Capsules
Quarzgut_VerbrennungsschiffchenSlip Cast Combustion Boats
Quarzgut-BecherSlip Cast Beaker
QuarzgutSlip Cast Crucible Holders